A Visual Guide To Black Tie Attire For Beaus by Bows-N-Ties

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Thanks to the Bows-N-Ties Team for this fun and inventive post!

Attire For Beaus and that's simplicity + tradition + personal taste = Perfection. We have created a visual guide for you to follow, guaranteeing you to look chic, coiffed and nothing like the wait staff. Dressing for black tie requires a tuxedo, a dress shirt, a bow tie, a pocket square, cuff links and patent leather formal shoes.

The trick is to choose accessories that convey your personal taste without eclipsing the classic style of the tuxedo. And accessories are our specialty. We recommend opting for a formal ribbed self tie bow tie rather than a satin finished black bow tie. The subtle texture makes a world of difference and everyone else will covet your originality. Purchase a few white pocket squares and have them monogrammed with your initials, catch phrase or something uniquely you. Cufflinks complete the look and allow for the most room for expression. It's tradition to wear gold cufflinks but that doesn't mean you can't get creative with the designs. Always find a way to personalize your black tie attire in one way or another.

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Tuxedo Shirt


Ribbed Bow Tie

Pocket Square

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