Back to School

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It's hard to believe that it is that time of year again! While the kiddos are headed back to school it is the perfect time to revitalize the office and get us going full speed ahead for what looks to be an unbelievable 2013. We can't wait to share the places and couples 2013 brings us, but first we must prepare! While there is no telling what you'll stumble upon in our offices; wedding dresses, ribbon wands, welcome bags filled with all of Chicago's must tempting treats, Lucy, etc., we always have the staples that make our day a bit more easier.  

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1. Trusty (but cute) file folders. These serve as the home to all the important details to all upcoming events.

2. A 2013 organizer! Our year is filling up quickly!! :)

3.  Notebooks, like these from Rifle Paper Co. Great for ideas and details that pop-up on the go!

4. Our monogrammed BLISS L.L.Bean tote. We couldn't live without it.

5. Sharpie pens! They are just simply wonderful.

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And like all good students we do our homework. Here is a a mix of some of our favorite reads for this semester! We not only keep up-to-date with as many wedding books as we can but also love to indulge in style and interior design books. After all, weddings & events are always the perfect balance of both!

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Here's to a happy semester!!