Bridal Beauty by BHLDN


The beauty of all our Bliss Brides never cease to amaze us!

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Photographs taken by Studio This Is

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Photograph by Olivia Leigh Photographie

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And although a smile is the ultimate must-have on your big day, BHLDN has come up with a few how-to videos for a few unique bridal looks; The Romantic, The Lady, La Bohemienne and The Muse. Download their free printables here!



The Bohemian Bride


With pictures from Coachella surfacing from this past weekend and the announcement of Chicago’s Lollapalooza lineup, we are channeling our inner hippie and taking a second look at the “Boho Bride”.  Something is mesmerizing about the Bohemian Chic look, flowy dresses, long loose wavy hair with braids hidden throughout, always adorned with a wreath of flowers or bejeweled statement piece. The bohemian bride is the perfect mix of hippie, vintage, romantic and sophistication all rolled into one and designs her wedding in the same carefree fashion that she lives her life in.  We are dying over the fun-loving free spirit of a boho bride!  

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No one does a Boho Bride better than BHLDN!

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Welcome BHLDN to Chicago!

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We almost forgot about the grand Holiday of Valentine’s in the shadow of BHLDN store opening this week! Who can blame us? This Gold Coast boutique, 8 E. Walton, is a dreamy shop that exudes bohemian luxury and Persian elegance, offering brides, as well as hostess’ everything and anything “less ordinary”.

The two-story shop is the second for BHLDN, behind their Houston store that opened a year ago. As you walk through the revolving doors, you are instantly transported away from the busy, hustling streets of the Gold Coast and into a dreamy, timeless space where dress-up is no longer the childhood game you used to play for hours, but now your adult reality. Each room is meticulously detailed and themed; Gowns, dresses, accessories, décor and lingerie. The electric blue walls of the second floor awaken the vintage accessories that adorn the main 15ft ceiling room. The hairpieces, capes, jewelry, and shoes all sparkle below the hanging angel wings floating above your head, further transporting you into what heaven must feel like. The gowns are effortlessly glamorous, each with unexpected touches that will make you “Ooo” and “Ahh” from one hanger to the next.  The dressing areas of the bridal suites, which they recommend appointments be made, allow you to plug in your personal iPod so you can set the mood for your family and friends while you all sip on Prosecco and munch on maccarons. Bride or not you are guaranteed to be inspired in the décor room. Although cakes, cake toppers, wedding banners, confetti, and everything “just married” are displayed in this one of a kind nook, you will instantly be planning your next time you step into the Hostess role. Saunter over to the Lingerie room and get carried away by the delicate details of silk, bows and lace, but not without getting sidetracked by all the shoes on your way over! So without further adieu, please help us welcome the truly incredible BHLDN to Chicago!  


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Martha Stewart Weddings & Bliss!


We were over-the-moon to meet the fabulous, charming and adorable Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings, at the BHLDN opening event in Chicago. Thank you for all your kind words and hope to see you again soon Darcy!


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