For the Maids


Your Bridesmaids are an important part to your big day. They comfort, calm and celebrate until the very end. They'll promise to love and wear whatever you pick out, tan to your liking and smile for the hours of pictures! They cheers and "Ooh" & "Aah" to you all day long and are most likely the girls that will always be at your side, wedding day or not. So what do you get these lovely ladies on your big day? Use our guide to monogram those maids of yours!

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1. IOMOI Canvas Bag // 2. Dannijo Jaimere Monogrammed Bracelet // 3. Sarah Chloe Kiyla Block Monogram // 4. I Wish You Were Here Initial Signet Ring // 5. The Original Satchel Store // 6. Williams-Sonoma Monogrammed Trifle Dish // 7. Fontaine Maury, Swoozies Move aside velour tracksuits, your lovely ladies are sure to love these preppy and sophisticated alternatives! Monogrammed plush robes and button-downs:

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Please & Thank You


Those two magic words that you learned when you were little never lose their importance as you grow older and can mean the world to your guests and wedding party on your big day. You have a million of decisions to make throughout the wedding planning process, one of the biggest being who will be those girlfriends standing next to you on your big day. We are here to help you with your “please”:

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1. Flower Girl Kerchief, BHLDN $28/  2. Gilded Bridesmaid Card, BHLDN $14/  3. Blooming Bridesmaid Card, BHLDN $6/  4. Bridesmaid Kerchief, BHLDN $28 Thanking all your guests for traveling and being part of your wedding is always a nice touch! Show your appreciation a number of ways with these “Thank you” Ideas:

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