84th Academy Awards Beauty Trends


We were glued to the TV last night, not missing a beat of this year’s Oscars. While many stars seemed to be playing it quite safe, we picked up on a few beauty trends that we were sure our Brides would love! So start working out that right leg of yours and get on board with this year’s Oscar Red Carpet trends… We hate to say we told you so… Red Lips! Rooney Mara, Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich all splashed a dose of color on their lips this year:

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Image via US Weekly.

Bangs never looked so mature and sophisticated on these lovely ladies, Rose Byrne, Rooney Mara and Ellie Kemper:

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Image via US Weekly.

The sleek and no fuss ponytails on Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock:

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Sexy side swoops on Stacy Keibler and Maya Rudolph. An effortless half-up-do and lose curls on Jessica Chastain and beautiful braids incorporated in Berenice Bejo bun:

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Up, up and away! Up-do’s on Jessica Lopez, Tina Fey and Shailene Woodley:

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Ombré Obsessed


Ombré is a French term meaning “shaded” and is now currently an obsession of color graduating from light to dark.  Ombré hit the fashion world at full force, gracing the runways at every major show and then salons as it soon became a dying technique with hair, see below. Now it is a wedding detail that we cannot get enough of. From cakes, to flowers, to décor, to dresses, Ombré is a great way to add a little surprise and pop of color to your big day. Dare to Ombré? You be the judge.

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