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Behind the Scenes at Bliss

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We had such a blast getting to shoot our fabby About Us video! It was an amazing day of working with some of our favorite vendors to create this video which we could not be more OBSESSED with!! We truly had as much fun making it as it looks like we did!

A special thank you to I Do Films and Studio This Is for capturing the day!

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Feature: Charlotte & William, Charlotte's Bridal Shower


Gracing the front page of Style Me Pretty Illinois today is our Summer Styled Bridal Shower for our fabulous faux bride, Charlotte. We came up with our fancy faux couple, Charlotte & William, last fall when we wanted to showcase the progression of wedding-related celebrations. Their fall engagement party at the Chicago Botanical Garden's Pullman Barn was the perfect start to our journey with the dreamy couple. And now onto the Shower...


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"From Charlotte's Shower to yours"....Guests took home a basket of indulgences!

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The Bubbly Bar:

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Venue and Vendors: Thank you to all the wonderful vendors that contributed to Charlotte's Bridal Shower! The event, hosted by her bestie, was at the ever-stylish Vintage Charm in La Grange.

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The monogrammed that adorned the backs of all the guest's ghost chairs along with all perfect paperie was done by Courtney Callahan of Courtney Callahan Paper.

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The fancy florals were done by Natalie at Hello Darling. Genius with the gold dusting of the flowers

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The sweet tooths were taking care of by the delicious and adorable Chicago Wedding Candy Buffet. Can we please note that they hand stuffed each fortune cookie with a note from Chalortte!?

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Tunes by the Grant Hendrickson Band and photographs by Dennis Lee Photography.

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For the Mrs.


Wear the new title proudly ladies with Kate Spade's Wedding Belles line. From earrings to passport covers, no one will mistake you as a single gal again!

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1. Keep the name close to your heart with the Say Yes "Mrs" Necklace, $78 Kate Spade// 2. Travel in Style with the Wedding Belles Passport Holder, $78 Kate Spade// 3. We do too, Say Yes "I Do" Necklace, $78 Kate Spade // 4. Keep him locked away forever with this Bridal Key Fob, $58 Kate Spade // 5. For all your personals use the Wedding Belle Airline Cosmetic, $60 Kate Spade // 6. Say goodbye to selective hearing with the Say Yes "Mrs" Studs, $48 Kate Spade  // 7. Wear it proudly, the Mrs. Tee $58 Kate Spade


Pucker Up!

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Red Lipstick is the universal classic mix of femininity and glamour that will never go out of style. From the stained lips of Grace Kelly, Lucille Ball and Mariyln Monroe to the style icons of today, this is a foolproof fashion of elegance. A timeless red lip is a perfect way to complete your look for your special day. Just follow these rules and our guide to the best long lasting red lipstick’s out there and you’ll be well on your way to giving red smooches on the cheeks of all your guests!

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Step One: Apply Lip Pencil to create a precise line on the edges of the lips, this will be your guide when applying the lipstick. Step Two: Apply Lipstick, preferably with a lipstick brush. Step Three: Blot with tissue to avoid smudging. Step Four: MWAH! 1. MAC in Russian Red, $14.50/ 2. YSL in Red Muse, $34/ 3. Kate Spade’s Supercalifragilipstick! in Adventurous, $24/ 4. Estee Lauder in Rich Red, $22.50/ 5. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Flamenco, $24.