Relationship Contract

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The CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory, originally shed light on the phenomenon known as the “Relationship Agreement”. Where the character Sheldon Cooper, draws up a 31 page document outlining  his new relationship with girlfriend, Amy Fowler.

While the CBS comedy poked fun of the novel size agreement Sheldon drew up, a relationship agreement is gaining popularity between the everyday couple. Take for instance the recently married Mark Zuckerberg (facebook founder) to long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. The couple made a relationship agreement in which Chan demanded, one date night and 100 minutes with Zuckerberg a week outside of his apartment and the Facebook offices. The couple has been dating since 2003, so this leaves us wondering about the importance of such an agreement.

Last Friday, the New York Times ran an article, “Just Call It a Pre-Prenup” reporting on the publicity the relationship agreement is receiving (through the example above) while getting the opinion of professionals on the matter. A marriage and family therapist stated, “It’s not based on economic earnings but on relationship capital”. They describe the agreement as acting as a “wish list” or “business plan for a successful romance” that forces couples to address issues or areas of improvement that might otherwise grow into larger problems down the road.

We understand how busy one’s life can get, and how romance might take the back burner at times. A relationship agreement might not be for everyone, but we see it as a mutual contract that is constructive and allows what is important to one another to never be overlooked or forgotten. Whether it’s assigning chores, a certain amount of time dedicated to spending with one another each week, a pledge to take vacations, or at least one kiss before bed, try out a relationship agreement by talking to your partner and listening to what he or she see’s important to sustaining or regaining your successful partnership.

Let Dr. McDreamy’s vows to Meredith Grey on a post-it be some inspiration to you!

What is the one thing you don’t want to lose or give-up with your partner in the many years to come?