Veronica Sheaffer

Veronica Sheaffer


One year and three collections deep into designing bridal gowns, Chicago based designer, Veronica Sheaffer, is no stranger wedding season! And although Veronica’s orders are stacking up, she is currently 15 gowns deep (some custom!), she dropped her fancy fabric and dished her advice to brides, what her gowns stand for, and where she finds inspiration. Veronica started her career on stage. A play in high school made her certain that acting was the right direction for her. However, after designing costumes and always making her own clothes, her friend asked her if she wanted to help her start a clothing line. Thus, the birth of the women’s clothing line, Coco & Irene. It wasn’t until another friend had asked her to design her a gown for her big day that everything came together for Veronica. After making that gown for her friend, Veronica found everything else to be a nuisance, and anxiously awaited to get home from work to make more gowns.







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What sets a Veronica Sheaffer gown apart from the rest? There are a lot of gorgeous dresses out in the world. I feel the need to do something different, people describe my gowns as vintage looking I say classic femininity. There is nothing sexier than being a lady and an intelligent, strong woman. You make a lot of custom gowns for your clients, what is that process like? When my friend asked me to make her a bridal gown, I found the fabric and the dress started to take on it’s own life. Women will show me what they like and what they don’t like and it evolves from there. It mostly comes from spending time with them and getting an overall feel for what they are like. We really do become friends and the dress takes on their personality. How many hours of work does each gown take? (Laughing) It’s done when it’s done! Tell us a little bit about your blog, “My Hands Made It”. I started it when I was engaged two years ago. My wedding was a heavily DIY wedding. There were only so many emails I could send to my friends showing them what I had made. My blog started as a way to share all of my projects for my wedding and get it out of my system. It then spiraled and became a success on it’s own.  Do your readers ever influence your designs? They are definitely my best cheerleaders. I follow a lot of them on pinterest, which I think the main reason for that site is to inspire, so I can get a lot of inspiration from them that way.  What is the best advice you give to your clients? Trust me.  What is the best advice you were given as a bride? I wish someone would have told me to CALM DOWN. Thank you Veronica for talking to us! We are so honored to be given this little glimpse into your life and are looking forward to seeing many more collections!

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