Hot Hue


While Renny sends us pictures from her much deserved family vacation with 85 degrees and sunny weather, we can’t help piggy backing on her itch for Spring to arrive in Chicago! From Michelle William’s Oscar Dress to the Flamingo’s that grace our text messages from Renny, we are loving all things CORAL.

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1. Gerbera Garden Statement Necklace, Kate Spade $298.00/ 2.  Monique Lhuillier Resort 2012/ 3. Etsy Ikat Pillow Cover $49.00/ 4. Mona Leather Pump, J.Crew $198.00/ 5.  Printed Coated Poplin Tiny Jewelry Case, Tory Burch $65.00/ 6.  Viv Pantent Flats, J.Crew $188.00/ 7. Canyon Coral, Essie $9.00/ 8. Carnation Ring, J.Crew $35.00


Pucker Up!

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Red Lipstick is the universal classic mix of femininity and glamour that will never go out of style. From the stained lips of Grace Kelly, Lucille Ball and Mariyln Monroe to the style icons of today, this is a foolproof fashion of elegance. A timeless red lip is a perfect way to complete your look for your special day. Just follow these rules and our guide to the best long lasting red lipstick’s out there and you’ll be well on your way to giving red smooches on the cheeks of all your guests!

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Step One: Apply Lip Pencil to create a precise line on the edges of the lips, this will be your guide when applying the lipstick. Step Two: Apply Lipstick, preferably with a lipstick brush. Step Three: Blot with tissue to avoid smudging. Step Four: MWAH! 1. MAC in Russian Red, $14.50/ 2. YSL in Red Muse, $34/ 3. Kate Spade’s Supercalifragilipstick! in Adventurous, $24/ 4. Estee Lauder in Rich Red, $22.50/ 5. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Flamenco, $24.


Please & Thank You


Those two magic words that you learned when you were little never lose their importance as you grow older and can mean the world to your guests and wedding party on your big day. You have a million of decisions to make throughout the wedding planning process, one of the biggest being who will be those girlfriends standing next to you on your big day. We are here to help you with your “please”:

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1. Flower Girl Kerchief, BHLDN $28/  2. Gilded Bridesmaid Card, BHLDN $14/  3. Blooming Bridesmaid Card, BHLDN $6/  4. Bridesmaid Kerchief, BHLDN $28 Thanking all your guests for traveling and being part of your wedding is always a nice touch! Show your appreciation a number of ways with these “Thank you” Ideas:

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