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Personalized Wedding Magazine - Twenty Pages


Last week we got a couple of personalized wedding sample magazines created by twenty pages. We instantly HAD to know more about them. Twenty pages with a high quality look and feel to them, we knew these people were onto something! Each magazine can contain all your wedding information in a magazine editorial format that can be used to welcome guests in their hotel rooms, to hand out at rehearsal dinners or even act as your wedding invitations (the options are endless!).


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Twenty pages makes the process harmless too! Currently, there are two formats to chose from, "Whim" and "Spark". You can customize the content you would like to be included in your magazine by following their easy guide to the "fun stuff" and the "practical stuff".  Introductions to the wedding party, interviews from the couple, the weekends agenda and maps are all examples of content that can be included. If there is a section that you do not want included in your magazine, you simply do not use it, and fill that space by make other section's content longer!

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By going to their website, setting up an account and following their steps you can make your magazine from start to finish without talking to a single person. However, if you want that extra attention they make the creation process extremely personal with one person designated to your account to answer all your questions. Currently, they are priced out in groups of 20, 50 or 100 magazines and before your order goes into production they make sure it's ready to go by showing you a draft. We talked to Vincent (who had an adorable french accent, since twenty pages began in Paris!), who was extremely personable, patient and lovely! GENIUS, we say!!

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