Cupcake Crawl: Sweet Mandy B's

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Seeing that it is swimsuit season and all, we tried putting off our next cupcake crawl stop as long as possible. But we quickly folded as we approached the bright pastel colored windows and walls of Sweet Mandy B's in Lincoln Park. This old-fashion bakery lines it's shelves with not only a variety of picture perfect cupcakes but s'mores, candy apples, cookies, puddings, pies, cakes and the list goes on. Stop in for your morning coffee and pair it with a muffin or their homemade granola as well. Whatever it is you stop in for, we guarantee that you come out with much more!!



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Oh the choices...

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Our very delicious vanilla with chocolate icing cupcake...

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Our confession for indulging in a confetti cookie as well. Like we said...You come out with much more dessert than you went in for!!

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The fun, old-fashion parlor decor of the bakery

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Cupcake Crawl: Swirlz!


The cupcake crawl continues! Today we are spotlighting another Lincoln Park gem, Swirlz. Their motto is simple, “Cupcakes Make People Happy”.  And isn’t that the truth? Located at 705 W. Belden, this small cupcake shop is bursting with fabulous little delicacies. Their display case is always fully stocked with the most ridiculous flavors you can imagine and changes daily.  Their menu is a creative one featuring gluten free and vegan options, regular size and minis. Carrot Bourbon Cream Cheese, Chocolate Raspberry Hazelnut Crunch, Banana Nutella, Twixie and Snixie…I recommend just closing your eyes and pointing, you can’t go wrong. I walked out with a Vanilla Espresso this time around! If you can’t make it into their sophisticated bakery, you can find them on the shelves of Whole Foods throughout the Midwest (Impressive!). Their twitter is always boasting with what they have made for the day and an occasional chance to win a few of their masterpieces! I recommend stopping in often at this little cupcake shop or calling an order or two in for your next event or get together! Bon Appétit!

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Bliss Studio


Kara, Beth and I had another dreamy inspiring day in the studio together. I have been wanting to get some pictures of our studio to show everyone.  Plus I wanted to get some "professional" pics of Kara, Beth and I to use on our website so you all can put a face with a name.

We had yummy treats  - Blackberries in a yellow bowl, French Macaroons in dreamy colors, Petite Fours..yum!

Bubbly drinks - Pink Veuve of course in antique fabulous toasting goblets And, gorgeous flowers - fuchsia peonies (my absolute favorite), raspberry ranunculus, and absolutely amazing pink garden roses.  Ahhhh. 

 We have this arrangement everyday on our Saarinen  inspiration work table...of course.  We wish!!!

We also had a huge blooming bunch of sunny yellow Forsythias adorned with one of our iconic blue Bliss butterflies.  Plus other darling satellite arrangements in silver containers around the studio. We displayed all of our fun painted chaivari chairs and had armfuls of linens and design books around the studio as inspiration as we talked about the design of several of our fabulous clients events coming up. Take the Cake (the most amazing cake company in Chicago) made us a "Bliss" Cake.  I am in love!!! Hope you all are inspired too!

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