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Katie Says...

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]"Pick a special wedding perfume so when you wear it years later it reminds you (and your hubby) of how you smelled that day” - Katie Kozlowski, Senior Weddings & Events Design Consultant Katie is on to something and there are plenty of scientific studies that reveal the power of smell (just check out the genius's over at ELLE). Scent has the overwhelming capability of instantly transporting you back to a specific time and place, even surprising you at times. What better day to be transported back to than your wedding day? While a sprtiz of perfume may be the last touch you think of while dashing out of your Bridal Suite, think about Katie's advice and all those studies by those in lab coats. Indulge a little and pick a scent that you will forever cherish!

We've gathered a few of our most favorite...

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1. Miss Dior // 2. Falling in Love //3. Flower Bomb //4. Chanel Number 5 // 5. Tocca // 6. Twirl // 7. Flora