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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chicago Summer has finally come! But if you’re schedule is anything close to ours, finding time to take advantage of it can be hard.  Instead of going through summer without that sought after glow, we turn to our friends at Ortanic to spray us down with that glistening tan. We cringe at the tan lines and sunburn epidemic that can hit bridal parties one too many times, but these geniuses have created a foolproof tan plan customizable to each individual’s skin tone. We asked Kristi Gabrione, co-owner of three-year-old company, everything a bride-to-be should know about the Ortanic experience:

Describe the Ortanic experience and process.

Our mission from day one was to provide the type of customer service usually only seen at ritzy hotels and restaurants, but without the pretentious attitude or price tag. We spend a tremendous amount of time training our team so you can be assured that the results we deliver are nothing but the best. All of our team are licensed estheticians with extensive makeup backgrounds, so you can feel comfortable that they will find the proper shade for your skin type and desires. Best of all, they make you feel comfortable, because we know it isn't easy to undress in front of a stranger the first time you meet them!

During each appointment, each client will get a skin consultation to find the perfect recipe for your desired look and skin tone. The solution is completely customized to each client and is applied by hand with two different airbrush guns, one larger gun for the body and a smaller airbrush gun for the feet, hands, face, and any contouring – all ensuring an even flawless tan. Ortanic also has state-of-the-art extraction booths that eliminate all of the overspray from the air allowing for a very safe tanning environment.

What do you recommend to your clients that come in for their wedding?

Ortanic is the perfect solution for bride’s looking for that wedding day “glow.” We recommend that brides come in and trial the service prior to their big day so we can ensure we find the perfect color. We would recommend coming in and trialing the tan at least a month before (maybe before a big event – ie. Bachelorette party, shower, dress fitting, etc.) We keep all of our recipes on file so that when a bride comes back in to any of our 3 locations, our team knows all about the tanning history and colors used during previous appointments.

We recommend that the bride tan 1-2 days before the wedding day, depending on when the rehearsal dinner is. We also recommend that the bride gets any manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc done before the tanning appointment to make sure that the tan remains flawless.

What is the number one mistake you see Bride’s committing?

We see four! 1. Not using Ortanic for their wedding! You just look so much better in pictures with a nice glow :) 2.  Not trialing the tan before the wedding day, 3. Not having their wedding party or husband tan as well, it looks a lot better in pictures when you are not the only tan one, 4. Going to the tanning bed and having burnt skin

What do you recommend for the entire bridal party?

Mobile tan parties! We can come to you at any location within Chicago. We bring with an overspray tent/towels to ensure there is nothing left over in the room, our solution, and an airbrush caddy. We can do about 4 people per hour. For larger parties, we can bring 2 airbrush machines and technicians to move a little faster.

Here are the tan packages for mobile: 1-2 people: $60 each, 3-4 people: $50 each, 5 or more people: $45 each, 6 people (including the bride) – bride tans for free and $45 each for everyone else.

Is there such thing as too tan? If so, how do you avoid this? (I am picturing Ross in that episode of Friends!)

Yes, we have several different colors that we customize for each person depending on their skin tone and personal preference. Our aesthetic skin consultants our experts are ensuring no one comes out looking orange or too tan for their skin tone.

Can you come to the client or does the client come to you?

Both. We have three different locations in Chicago all at Fitness Formula Clubs: Lincoln Park, West Loop and Gold Coast. Or we can come to any location within Chicago for a mobile tan!

What are the benefits to using Ortanic compared to your competitors or self-tanner?

Ortanic is the only company in Chicago that has state-of-the-art booths that extract the overspray out of the air so you do not breath it in.  Our solution is 92% natural and there is no more than 11 ingredients so it is very safe and does not have that horrible chemical smell! We also offer a pH balancer for a pre-treatment to the tan that balances out the skin’s pH to make it the perfect level for airbrush tanning.

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