Chicago Welcome Bags

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our clients are constantly asking for Welcome Bags that will await in their guest's hotel rooms with all the Chicago classics. So, I recently put together all the Classics that represent Chicago in all it's glory! Welcome Bags are a great way to show your appreciation to all your guests. The options are endless since Chicago has so many great locally made items, the trick is to personalize them with what means the most to you as a couple! Cookies from your favorite bakery, beer from your favorite local brewery, etc. Give your guests a glimpse into your fabulous Chicago life! Or...just follow our easy guide to Welcome Bags below! Bags: Following the green reusable tote trend is always a great option. Their are a ton of Chicago themed totes out their or you can always personalize them with your wedding date! Less costly but still as fabulous options include gables boxes and kraft paper shopping bags! [/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="11211" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]

  1. Town Tote by Dharma Trading Co. // 2. Magnificent Milestones, Reusable Cotton Bags - 312 by Third Coast Collection, $16.50 // 3. Magnificent Milestones, Reusable Cotton Bags - I Heart Chicago by Third Coast Collection, $16.50 // 4. Chicago Grocery Tote, $17 // 5. Gable Box, 100 cases for  $39.90 // 6. CTA Rail Map Tote, $24 // 7. For shopping bags of all color and sizes go here

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The Items: 1. Vosges Chocolate (No Frango mints since they were bought out by Macys!!) // 2. Jays Chips // 3. Frontera Chips and Salsa // 4. H20 Products // 5.  Metropolis Coffee // 6. Fiji Water  // 7. Garrett Popcorn // 8. Tootsie Rolls, Wrigley Gum, Lemonheads // 9. Chicago Pint Glass // 10.  Goose Island, Chicago Root Beer // 11.  Goose Island, 312 Urban Wheat Beer Chicago cookies we love: Carol's Cookies & Damn Good Cookies- Popcorn vendors we love: Mother Butters Popcorn Confectionary & Nuts on Clark