jesse deckard



Budget Minimum: $180,000

Jesse is our Senior Planner and Lead Designer with over 18 years experience in design and planning. He focuses on full-service Design, Planning and Production for larger scale local weddings and destination weddings. He specializes in highly technical logistics and imaginative design including tented estate weddings and highly specialized requests.

"I never understood how much work went into planning a wedding and I couldn't even imagine having Jamie and I try to figure anything out ourselves.

Although I probably responded to about 1% of the emails, there's no amount of appreciation that will do you justice for how you helped Jamie through everything.

Picking you and the Bliss team was a no brainer and the entire weekend was proof of that decision. Thank you for making our wedding something magical and unforgettable. You brought all of our visions come to life"

- Joshua (the Groom)



What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Lots of cocktails and wine, surrounded by the people who’s company fills my heart and soul full of much happiness. Laughter and lots of it with crass humor and friendly jabs. Perfect weather, whether that be a glorious Chicago summer day sitting outside surrounded by the life of the city with a drink in my hand or my feet in the sand as the waves of the ocean crash and the sun beats down on my skin with a drink in my hand or a peaceful day in the country sitting around the beauty of nature with a drink in my hand. Treasuring life with laughter, fun and libations!

What is your greatest extravagance?
Ralph Lauren

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
“Bye Gurl”
“Oh Hi”
“Oh Wow” 

What is your motto?
“It’s not done until it’s over done!”

What is your most treasured possession?
My memories… Life is filled with so many adventures and challenges that make us the people that we are. Those memories of all those roads traveled and those roads yet to be traveled are mine. Something that no one else has that could ever be identical. Memories of good times and bad, but still memories, something that I will hopefully have and cherish for as long as I live.

What is your most marked characteristic?
A cocktail in my hand.

Who is your hero of fiction?
Uhhh, can you have three? Dolly Parton, Tina Turner & Joan Rivers. Dolly, come on now… for her rags to riches country girl story and that beauty! Was obsessed with her persona and beauty from the age of 13 and still am! Tina, well does anyone get more fabulous with age? I mean those legs, that hair, that voice, that struggle through life… true icon! And lastly but certainly not least, Joan. Oh my dear Joan, gone way to soon… her humor, wit, crass, glamour, and love for equality will live on forever and will always be inspiration to me.

What is your MUST HAVE for a celebration?
A fabulous setting! DÉCOR! Let’s face it people… the setting and décor is so much more than what your celebration looks like, it’s what it feels like! It’s what immediately sets the tone for the evening as your guests enter and it’s something that everyone can relate to. In which in turn creates that lasting memory in everyone’s minds.


Jesse Deckard possessed immense creativity and passion for design at an early age in life. Growing up in the farmland of southern Indiana, he often found himself on an adventure fascinated by the natural beauty of a rolling hill, sprawling pasture or mysterious forest. At the age of 13 he could often be found at the flower shop of close family friends learning the simple composition of a floral arrangement alongside his grandmother. By the age of 18 he had designed over 30 weddings and had become a design asset in his community.

Furthering his education, Jesse was among a select 5 students chosen to pursue an intensive Bachelors degree in Fashion Design at Indiana University, where he simultaneously earned an Associates degree in Costume Design. He later had the good fortune to intern in both New York and LA with sorted costume and design houses, giving light to a new world of creation. The bustling coasts proved a bit too far from home and Jesse found himself here, in Chicago, to nestle down.

Today, having worked more than half of his life in the event design industry, Jesse looks to broaden his sights with the bigger picture. Working diligently with each vendor, he focuses on a truly streamlined process for clients impeccably tying every element together. The wealth of design experience and finely tuned eye for detail allow for each of Jesse’s clients to partake in a seamless journey to their special day. With a heavy hand in décor, Jesse is more than delighted to sit down with a Bride and dive into her dreams for the big day. Unlike any other, he is able to see into their vision and masterfully shape environments that truly reflect each one’s personality, creating events that are uniquely as one-of-a-kind as each special client he works with.