laura schweir




"Laura has been incredible to work with! She really took the time to understand what my fiancé and I were looking for in our wedding. Even when we weren't able to articulate what we wanted, she asked all of the questions to get us to visualize our dream wedding! She has gone above and beyond our expectations in a planner. She's amazing! We couldn't imagine going through this process without her!!" - Groom



What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Pure Happiness for me is Lake Life or Island Life. Put me in the sunshine near water with an umbrella in my drink and I'll be one happy camper!

What is your greatest extravagance?
I'm such a bargain shopper, but the amount of money I spend at Target is pretty extravagant.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
"Perfect" and "Awesome" 

What is your motto?
Every problem has a solution

What is your most treasured possession?
My copy of "A Short Guide to a Happy Life" by Anna Quindlen.  My mom gave it to me in college and I've probably read it over 40 times.

What is your most marked characteristic?
Always smiling (probably too much...I need to practice some other looks!)

Who is your hero of fiction?
So many!  My mom, Michelle Obama.  Pretty much anyone who has an amazing work ethic and a kind heart.

What is your MUST HAVE for a celebration?
Personal touches that reflect the couple or guest-of-honor.  A signature cocktail, a favorite flower, or a beloved song go a long way!


Hailing from small town Indiana, Laura quickly fell head over [very cute] heels for Chicago. Known for her sunny disposition, she brings a cheerful attitude to any situation, embraces every opportunity to throw a shindig, “The Bachelor” finale included, describes herself as a perfectionist with a sense of humor, believes a long run or a pedicure are the best stress relievers, admits to being a kids’ party aficionado from her preschool teacher days, surrounds herself with stacks of magazines to keep up with wedding, fashion and interior design trends, declares champagne, a good laugh with girlfriends, and a vase full of flowers are the best mood boosters, and confesses she doesn’t have a favorite color but rather a serious love affair with certain color combinations– navy and white is always right!