The Best Milestone Birthday Planning and Design Tips

Photo by Carasco Photography

Photo by Carasco Photography

milestone party planning tips

You don’t need a reason to throw a party in our book, we love any and all “just because” reasons to celebrate practically anything. But, if you happen to have a Milestone Celebration around the corner then by all means, you MUST celebrate and plan a fabulous party! Here are our tips to planning a successful, well orchestrated and memorable event.

Hire an event planner! A great event planner will make sure you and everyone else has the best planning experience possible. They will handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy every last second. They will also help shape the overall look and feel of your event and design custom details and moments while hiring the right vendors they have spent years vetting on your behalf. Their number one priority is to have your best interests at heart and make sure your vision is realized and expectations are exceeded.

Decide on the number of guests you would like to invite and create a spreadsheet. This is incredibly important as it will help determine the perfect location and a planning budget.

Location, Location, Location. Your event planner will help you source the perfect venue that will have everything you are looking for. Maybe you want it outdoors on a rooftop, or at your favorite neighborhood restaurant, a tent on your estate, or a space that can accommodate a lot of entertainment. Your planner will narrow down choices and take you to see a select number of options, so you aren’t spending a lot of unnecessary time researching on your own.

Determine a theme and decor. We are devoted to making sure each one of our events are truly customized to our clients personality and tell a story. It is so important you establish an overall feel and direction to help shape other decisions. We had one client who loved Aba, and was celebrating his 80th Birthday. We sourced and brought in the best Aba cover band from Sweden. They were a huge hit and the birthday boy danced all night with his guests. We have also created a custom Bourbon bar for another client celebrating a big Milestone event. He loved all types of Whiskey and Bourbon so we brought in all his favorites and hired a Whiskey expert to provide tastings to guests. We planned and designed a Toga Party where they met 25 years previous. We asked every guest to dress in white and gold and of course in Toga. We brought in Otis Day and the Knights to perform on a Roman inspired stage and had “living” statues in an Ivy filled garden.


To learn more about how we can help plan your next big soiree, please click on the event gallery page. We can’t wait to plan your next Milestone. XO