Tips on writing the perfect Thank You Note

How to write a Thank You note


Those amazing gifts are pilling up after your shower, birthday, ,anniversary or wedding. Now what? Time to write the perfect Thank you note to show your appreciation for your new loot. We have included some of our top wedding planning tips below to help out.

Our friends from  have some of the best advice around. Brew up a big pot of coffee or even better, pop a bottle (or two) of champagne and get writing, addressing and stamping.

  • Stationary

    Make sure you order GORGEOUS thank you stationary when you place your order for your invitations. We love all printables to match and you finally get to use your official monogram (SWOON), but if your suite doesn’t have a matching option, then order something comparable. This is also a way to announce a new address if you wish. Always fun to print on the back if your printer allows. Always make sure and order 5-15 extra envelopes for any addressing mistakes and use a great pen!

  • Recipient List

    Make sure you keep an organized and updated list of who attended and record what gift you received as they came in. Keep all this information in the same excel spreadsheet you used for your wedding guest list.

  • Value

    Know the value of a handwritten card. It is standard etiquette and must more sincere and MUCH more appreciated than an email or text. When your guests receive your handwritten note in the mail, they will know you value their gift.

  • Inclusions

    Make sure you include a kind and thoughtful message that isn’t generic. Really reflect on how you plan on using the gift and how much you appreciate receiving the gift.

    • Greet the recipients by name

    • Thank them for the gift

    • Say something you like about the gift or how you plan on using it in your new home together

    • Close by thanking them again

    • Sign your names

  • Time frame

    When it comes to thank you cards, the sooner the better is our advice. They come across more genuine when they are prompt. But, you do officially have 3 months to send after your honeymoon. Try not to go past that point if possible.

Now, Get to it and have fun! XO, BLISS