How much does a wedding in Chicago cost

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CONGRATS! You are engaged! Yipppppeeee! But, now what? You need to start planning your wedding. And before you can get started you (along with your fiance and parents) must be asking, “How much does a wedding cost in Chicago”.

After planning and designing weddings for the past 25 years, this question is still the number one on everyone’s mind and the most important question when getting started, so we decided to break it down in VERY realistic terms, so it is easier to understand.

We will be talking about average wedding costs in the Chicagoland area - this should hold true for most weddings in Larger City markets like: Chicago, L.A., San Fran, Dallas, NY, Atlanta.. This will not be the case in smaller markets as costs will be significantly less.

No two couples are alike, nor are two weddings a like. There are so many different circumstances that determine wedding costs, but we will talk “averages” in our market which is downtown Chicago.

Here is a general breakdown for a 200 guest wedding in Chicago during *PEAK wedding season on a Saturday night: (Peak Wedding Season are Saturday nights between late May-Dec)

Wedding Planner: 15-25% of Total Budget (Full-service planner and designer)

Venue: $8-15,000 (Off-premise venue - Not a hotel)

Catering/Bar: $50,000-$65,000 ($250-$325 pp - this includes tax and gratuity)

Band: $10-$30,000 (This is dependent on a local or non-local band)

Decor $35-$100,000 (Floral, Lighting, Furniture)

Rentals $10-$40,000 (Chairs, Linens, China, Chargers)

Photography $8-$20,000

Videography $7-$15,000

Printables $8-$20,000 (Save-the-dates, Invites, Day-of Pieces)

Attire/Beauty $5-$18,000 (Dresses, Tux, Hair, Makeup, Alterations)

Transportation $1-$6000 (Depending if ceremony is off-premise from the reception)

Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Party $10-$60,000

Plus there are other things to consider: Welcome Gifts, Wedding Party Gifts, Hotels, Honeymoon, Brunch and Tips.

Can you plan a wedding in Chicago for under $150,000? Of course. Budgets are ultimately decided on 2 choices: Guest count and Priorities. These help shape all decisions which a good planner and designer like Bliss Events will be able to guide you on the right decision for you and your wedding.

Can you plan a wedding for OVER $150,000? Absolutely! The sky is the limit to what you want to visualize with your planner and designer. Whatever you want, we can make it happen!

Hope this helps answer the dreaded question of “How much does a wedding in Chicago cost”. When working with our clients, we provide very detailed budgets that break down costs further and gives a low and high range to help understand scopes.